Sunday, September 25, 2011

Best Snorkeling with Turtles

The rocky cove next to Napili Bay is the BEST snorkeling we have done with turtles, they are always here, and it is a fairly protected area so no rough surf to contend with. Of course there are lots of beautiful fish also but the turtles are magnificent.

A friend took this photo with her under water camera, but the turtles swim all over and often come to the surface so no need for deep water diving. And if you do not want to get into the water you can view them from land either here or at the Hanakao'o Beach Park where they feed off the rocks just a few feet away.

Online Grocery Shopping with LOCAL DELIVERY TO YOUR HOME

Maui Grocery Service  Shopping Funds
Adding Funds to an Account
Maui Grocery Service Funds are great for parents of students 18 and over or those caring for a senior relative. First, your loved one must have an account set up with us. Then you can deposit funds into their account at any time. The funds you deposit will be available for withdrawal immediately. This program allows them to shop for their groceries online using funds that you deposited for them. We will deliver right to their Home or Condo.



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kamaʻāina (pronounced ka-ma-EYE-na) is the Hawaiian language word for a long-term resident of the Hawaiian Islands. Literally "child of the land," it derives from the words "kama", meaning "child", and "ʻāina", meaning 'land'.[1] The word "kama'aina" describes Hawai'i residents regardless of their racial background, as opposed to "kanaka" which means a person of native Hawai'an ancestry.
A kama'aina may be considered to be someone who currently lives in Hawai'i, or someone who once lived there but has moved away. The State of Hawai'i sponsors an official "Kama'aina Come Home" event each year, intended to increase the state’s labor pool by inducing Hawaii college students and former residents who are now living in the continental United States to return to Hawaii. The program has been successful in bringing qualified kama‘ainas back to the Islands and in doing so, reuniting families.[2]
A common usage in Hawai'i is the "Kama'aina discount", an often sizable discount given to local residents. The usual requirement to obtain the discount is to show a Hawai'i driver's license, local military ID, or other local identification. The discounts are widespread throughout the islands, particularly at restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions.[3]

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Bring or Buy and extra Suitcase

Some friends recently visited, this being their first time to Maui. Shopping was high on their list, just one down from snorkeling. Therefore they had much more to take home than they came with. Easy to solve that problem with a visit to Ross for a new, but well priced suitcase or even better Savers for a gently used, cheap suitcase. Another idea would be to use the kind of suitcases that stack into one another, bringing them over as one and returning with two. 

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Maui Ukulele Festival

On October 16th Maui will hold its annual Ukulele Festival on the lawn at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center and it is FREE!!! Come and join the fun from 1:00pm to 6:pm